Wait a minute…

Lanny CappsWith all this screaming and hollering about the High School name change, it just occurred to me: Where were they when we dropped “County” from the name?  Or better still where were they when we replaced our Viking with the plagiarized West Virginia University’s Flying “W” logo.  Surely someone got written permission to use their copyrighted symbol?  I hope they did.

 Talking about tradition… if that change didn’t cause the Viking tradition to fly away on the wings of the flying W, then I can’t see how Jasper High School, Home of the Vikings does anything worse. Actually it reclaims that Viking Tradition!! 

In this day and time of terrorism at home; police shootings of citizens and citizen shootings of the Police; in this time of not having a qualified or credible candidate for President of the United States from which to pick; in this time of a national debt so large that we can never pay it off… I feel like there is much more to worry about than the name of the high school in the Jasper City School system.

Both sides of the issue may have valid points, but in the big scheme of things it seems to me this is much to do about nothing.

    -Lanny Capps

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