Our Ambivalent Home

I was talking to a friend the other day and we agreed that living in Walker County is living in two exactly opposite communities... at the same time.  On the one hand few places in this world is a better place to live.  On the other, we may be among the most corrupt.

I could write many, many pages about all that is GREAT here.  Jasper and Walker County has a rich past that is historically significant nationally.  We have had natural resources  that enabled us to have more millionaires per capita  than most other places in the country. And that was back before we even understood the concept of a billion dollars and never heard of a Trillion.

We had Walker County residents serving in Congress for a full century, and had the very first cross country highway, US78, named the Bankhead Highway in honor of one of our own.  

And right now, today, most residents of our community are some of the smartest, hard working and productive people to be found in any community.  And generous. 

Our leaders, for the most part are doing all they can to capitalize on I-22 and our proximity to other industrial complexes. As they say: “We are Central to the South.” Bevill Industrial Park, which not many years ago was nothing more than a sign, now is full with two brand new Industrial buildings under construction in a new Jasper Industrial Park.

I could go on and on with all the good things about home, but all is not good.

We seem to continually be plagued with corruption. Yes that is a pretty strong word but unfortunately it really applies here.  Trouble is, some of the activities are not seen as corruption, because as one attorney told me; “That's just the way things are done.”  And it's not just today. My father told me about corruption when he first moved to Jasper in the 1940s.  As a society we have come to accept that ”anything goes in love and war” ...and in politics.  A short few days ago buying votes to win an election was on full display for those who know how to look at the numbers. But, “that's just the way things are done!”

While I have tried to blame Charles Bishop and the Republican elite for the corruption in recent years, we must all realize they can't accomplish a thing without our complicity.  As long as we play the game and elect the candidates that ignore the dirty tricks of the “Boss Hoggs” - Republican or Democrat;  As long as we believe all is fair in love, war and politics, we are doomed to have an Ambivalent Home.  

To me this is tragic.  We have all the makings of a near perfect community.

           -Lanny Capps

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