Jasper's new Mayor, David O'Mary, has hit the ground running. He has not been timid putting his campaign promises in place.  His realignment of supervisory and  management team has been swift and visible to those close to City Hall. Not everyone has been pleased with the changes, as one might expect, but others are excited by O'Mary's no nonsense approach to governing.

I assume most people who are reading this are familiar with my support of his opponent.  I never had any real problem with O'Mary, but I was concerned about his rumored alliance with Charles Bishop and the republican elite.  And, Greg Tinker has been a long standing friend of mine.

However, as I followed the campaign I began to realize that my friend was getting much more active support from several political activist every bit as undesirable to me as Charles Bishop, including that other Charles and his family who claims ”character” as a trait. And, that self proclaimed political “expert” lawyer.

So, I think I am going to give Mayor O'Mary the benefit of the doubt.  I'm going to be as loyal to him as Mayor as I have been to most Jasper Mayors dating back to Jack Moore Brown in the seventies.  Having worked directly or indirectly with the City since that time I have a historical knowledge of City Government more complete than most. That helps me a great deal in maintaining the City's website.

  --Lanny Capps