Is Dan right....?

The question: Is Dan Wright right to serve as Chairman of the Walker County Commission.

Dan is serving his second term as County Commissioner for District Two.  He was elected as a Democrat for his first term, and re-elected as the only Democrat for his second term. All of the others on the Commission were elected as Republicans during the mass exodus from Democrat to Republican Parties. 

Most politically savvy voters know that the current republicans on the Commission are surrogates of Charles Bishop and the republican elite! That's why they turned Dan away when he tried to move to the Republican Party like all the other local democrats. They denied his registration, but they kept his $951 registration fee. They must have realized Dan just might beat brother Jerry!  So, Dan qualified as an Independent in order to get on the ballot. 

Dan WrightAfter all, few Commissioners, if any, have worked as hard for their District than has Dan Wright.  When the County Commission voted to close the landfill on Saturdays – the only day working people had to use it – Dan became a Certified Landfill Operator and reopened the landfill on Saturdays. Non of the other Commissioners volunteered to help, so Dan provided a needed service, not only for District two residents, but for the entire county.

Dan's contributions and qualifications are too many to list them all here, but another thing I like about his platform is his demonstrated desire for openness in government activities.  Example:  This Commission adopted a procedure I have never seen before. The practice of having public comments by our citizens done the first thing before the meeting officially opens.  (that smells of a Bishop tactic to me) That change has the effect of not having comments made a part of the public record. It's kind of like Hillary deleting her emails. Dan opposes this procedure.

He also voted against “dumbing down” the county work force by lowering the education level required for County workers, rather than encouraging them to better educate themselves.  

He has stood alone for openness and reason during this term in office. Now its time for us to stand with him, by supporting his Independent bid for Chairman of the Walker County Commission.  Yes, I think Dan Wright is right for this job.

           -Lanny Capps

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