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Welcome to the new WalkerWebTV, the Walker County area local online information station.  Our new site was created to improve on the popular features of our old site, but if we left something out you are missing, or would like to suggest a feature, simply let us know using our contact form.  

Local News - Wal-Win Area

Quotes: Like Indiana Jones, I don't like snakes - though that might lead some to ask why I'm in politics.Theresa May

Carbon Hill Mayor Resigns, Pleads Guilty

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Arrest made in Empire Post Office break-in

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office announced late Friday that a suspect has been taken into custody and charged in connection with a burglary late Thursday at the Empire Post Office. Walker County Sheriff’s Investigator Chuck Tidwell said the suspect, 19-year-old Bobby Alexander of 470 Sherbet Road in Cleveland, was taken into custody late Thursday night at the Travel Rite Inn in Jasper. Alexander was charged with first-degree burglary and first-degree theft of property and is currently being held in the Walker County Jail awaiting a bond hearing. Federal charges are also pending in connection with the case. Tidwell said Alexander reportedly broke into the Empire Post Office Thursday night and took electronic equipment, including a laptop that belonged to the U.S. Postal Service, as well as several packages.

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Walker student’s story inspires children’s book

Cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped 14-year-old Katie Jones from learning to ride a horse, becoming a cheerleader or joining the swim team. Several surgeries and many months of intensive therapy have allowed Katie to retire the wheelchair in which she spent the first part of her life. However, overcoming physical limitations has only been one part of her journey. Katie has also struggled socially. “They’re nice to her, but they tend to want to leave her out,” Katie’s mother, Pamela Fleming, said of her daughter’s peers. Although Katie has made great strides since beginning her freshman year at Walker High School, her middle school years were spent mostly in isolation. Other students knew her name and were friendly to her during school hours, but Katie felt that their interest in her ended after the final bell rang. Katie gave several classmates her number in case they wanted to call her some afternoon. No one ever did, and her texts to them went unanswered. She also never received an invitation to the mall — a rite of passage for preteens. “I recently talked to one of my old friends from third grade. I said, ‘I felt like no one cared.’ He said, ‘You’re crazy. You were the most popular kid there.’ I said, ‘No, I wasn’t,’” Katie said. Then Katie became friends with another girl who had been shunned because of her size. While watching the two play one afternoon, Fleming came up with an idea for a children’s book.

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