A little reason, please…

When I was a child, there was NO Auburn University.  That school was called Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API). Auburn was chartered in 1856 as the Eastern Alabama Male College, and was affiliated with the Methodist Church. After closing during the Civil War the Church deeded the institution to the State of Alabama and it was renamed Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama.  In 1889, it was renamed the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Then in 1960, it became Auburn University (AU). Today AU is the oldest 4 year coeducational institution in Alabama.  Yet, known as Auburn University only since 1960, it has a tradition dating back to 1856. I very much doubt API alumni were any less proud as Auburn started stacking up football championships and the many other honors it has earned, just because it is no longer called API.

Samford University was once Howard College. Walker High was once Walker County High. The Tradition of both these institutions is still intact dating back to their original founding.  The same will be true for Jasper High School.

Most of us resist change… even when is it for the better. It’s human nature.  Those out there who are raising such a ruckus need to understand that this is a perfect example of the importance of voting.  It would be interesting to know how many of the “Keep Walker” crowd bothered to vote in the last municipal or county elections.   It is our obligation as citizens to elect the people who make the decisions that affect us. 

I feel I have earned the right to express my opinion in this matter because I attended Walker and played in the band.  I have also voted in past elections.  I may not agree with all the decisions of my elected representatives, but I did have a voice on Election Day.  Now we must trust the judgement of those who have been elected or appointed to serve us.

This high school will always be a major part of my life no matter what it is named, and I will continue to yell “Go Vikings” as they add accomplishments to their already rich Tradition. I, for one, accept the name change and hope it is not reversed.

              - Lanny Capps

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